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Carl E. Reid

Financial Fitness Associate

Carl's goal is to help people LIVE their retirement DREAMS by eliminating retirement nightmares. When Carl is not off on his running and wellness adventures, he provides FREE comprehensive Medicare planning to seniors as a community service. Carl is a licensed insurance agent in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey New York, North Carolina, Virginia. Carl is also an expert and author of 3 books on business relationship management. His latest book is "10 Powerful Networking tips Using Social Media".

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Click here to Click here to contact Carl with questions or discuss how YOU CAN join his team to MAKE EXTRA INCOME. It will be an "INFORMATION ONLY" discussion.


Check out video below with Carl E. Reid having a conversation with FinFit Life President Bill Penias. They discuss results Carl achieved going from silver to platinum in 60 days as an active member of the John Hancock Vitality program, performing various wellness activities.


John Hancock Vitality program offers many rewards starting with the HEALTHY SAVINGS CARD that can save up to $600 a year buying fruits and vegetables while lowering your life insurance premium. Other Vitality rewards include Amazon / Nike / Under Armour gift cards, free FitBit or Apple watch for $25, Halo] for healthy living. This is a life-changing program that lowers the premium every year based on wellness activities.


Even if you're a couch potato, the John Hancock Vitality program provides rewards for getting a flu shot, reading nutrition articles, doing yearly checkups with your doctor/dentist, walking across the Walmart parking lot, walking around the supermarket or around your house. Click here to see the awesome Vitality program rewards you can receive.


To date, Carl has received $190 Nike, Adidas and Under Armour gift cards from the Vitality program, plus a complimentary Fitbit watch ($99 value). That translates into more than 2 months worth of life insurance premiums paid.


Contrary to popular belief, money does not buy life insurance or long-term care insurance. Good health buys life / LTC insurance. Money just funds the premiums.


Anyone who has a life insurance policy should take a look at the John Hancock Vitality program. Click here to reach out to Carl to have an "INFORMATION ONLY" discussion.

Click here to Contact Carl for a life insurance quote with the John Hancock Vitality program or to make extra income as a licensed FinFit Life associate. Optional long-term care rider available with life insurance. No experience required. Full TRAINING provided.

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