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Pfizer Stops 70% Omicron Hospitalizations in study by Discovery Health, Vitality’s Parent Company

We’re excited to share big news from Vitality group's parent company, Discovery Health. Yesterday they released the results of the first at-scale analysis of Omicron’s real-world impact in South Africa.

They found that vaccinations continue to offer strong protection against COVID hospitalizations. The findings once again highlight the importance of preventive care in mitigating serious illness.

The study was based on over 200,000 positive COVID cases in South Africa, 41% from adults who had received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Of the 200,000 cases, almost 80,000 were Omicron infections.

While the data for this study is from the first three weeks of the Omicron-driven wave in South Africa and is thus considered preliminary, the insights have wide-reaching implications across the globe as Omicron infections ramp up.

The findings have been picked up across several major media outlets – check out the news coverage!

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